Body, Mind and Soul Awakening "My Personal Journey"

Body, Mind and Soul Awakening was created to help heal and empower you on your path to self-discovery. As an Intuitive Life Guide and Psychosomatic Therapist I aim to help bring clarity and insight that will assist you in awakening to your inner gifts by gaining a deeper understanding of who you are. My services will teach you how to connect to your amazing self-healing ability and give you the tools you need to restore balance and harmony so you can start living authentically. I believe that when we make positive changes in the Body and Mind this allows the heart and Soul to prosper giving you amazing quality of life, which we all deserve. You will gain the understanding and awareness needed to start taking steps to reclaim personal health and happiness, creativity, personal power and self-expression.

"When you awaken the Body, Mind and Soul, you awaken to life."

My Personal Journey

If you would have told me that in just 12 months I would go from working in a corporate office, teaching sales, to becoming a psychic, intuitive life guide and psychosomatic therapist, I probably would have called you crazy! But this is exactly what happened for me when I started taking a whole bunch of small steps in the right direction.

My personal journey in awakening to life began at the start of 2014 when I found myself at rock bottom. I was stuck in a cycle with the fear I could not break out. I felt trapped and I was miserable. I was working for one of Australia’s largest Health Insurance companies and had just been awarded as the National Sales Coach Top Achiever. Sounds impressive, but the reality was I felt nothing close to a top achiever. I was killing myself to be successful and craved acknowledgement and acceptance in a workplace that I no longer belonged. I felt like a square peg trying to be forced into a round hole. I was out of place and disconnected to my world. I was in a self-destructive relationship. I was suffering depression and anxiety and I was self-medicating. My mental and physical health was on a downward spiral.  I was lost and didn’t know who I was anymore.  

I knew I needed to make some serious changes. I made the brave choice to begin my journey back home to find myself, a journey to become me again. I soon realised that my rock bottom would became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.  I enrolled in a Psychic Development Course and started seeing a Psychosomatic Therapist. This was the catalyst in me being empowered to take action in connecting to what makes me happy and what was to be my soul path. Through this healing process I was able to make important changes that have opened me up to the abundance of life. When I am willing to make room and take action to live my truth, life offers great opportunities and blessings.

I quit my job and ended my relationship; I continued to explore & connect with my psychic abilities and took myself off to an Ayurvedic retreat in Bali. This further enhanced my belief in the ancient wisdom of the body, mind and soul connection. I realised that my own powerful experience in transformation could help others on their journey of self discovery and awakening.  am now a qualified Psychosomatic Therapist and offer a range of healing intuitive services that holistically awaken the Body, Mind and Soul and give you the awareness and tools to create the life you want.  

I believe we all have a purpose and that we were all made unique (quirks and all) so we can live that purpose. So here I am to be of service to you to help you find your path and share all that I learn along the way. We can grow together and I cant wait to see where it takes us.

With Love and Gratitude

Natalie Wagner