7 Questions with Amanda Lorch from ALL Wellbeing

Amanda Lorch from ALL Wellbeing

Amanda Lorch from ALL Wellbeing

I believe... When you are connected to yourself, and you listen to the whispers of your soul, amazing things can happen.

I got into this work because... working in the hospital system and seeing what these very sick people were eating and their treatments, I kept thinking ‘there has to be a better way’. Then i reached a point in my life, where my whole life was turned upside down, and I had to rebuild from the ground up, part of that rebuilding was aligning with who I am and what I really want. I completed a bachelor degree of health science and a cert IV in Neuroenergetic kinesiology. Now I live my passion every day  helping others to rebuild their lives they way the want them to be and knowing that it is possible.

As a therapist I commonly hear... ‘how did you know?’ ‘Thank you for listening and understanding’

The best bit of advice I ever got... Was from a very dear friend, he said to me when I was whinging about my life and wishing things were different ‘if not now, then when?’ We are always putting things off, waiting for a better time. There is no better time than right now, actually right now is the only time that is guaranteed, no one is promised a tomorrow.

My self-love routine involves... eating wholesome nourishing foods, drinking plenty of fresh water, going outdoors and connecting with nature on a regular basis, writing, any type of art, music for the soul and Spending time with people who see my soul and energise and recharge me.

The book I am reading right now is... I am a bit of a multi-tasker, and reading is no exception, I am actually reading 4 books at the moment! 1. Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert PhD - mind blowing!, 2. Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber MD - a bit tough going, some pretty big concepts in there but loving it. 3.The brain that changes itself by Norman Doidge MD - sensational. And last but not least ‘The Essential Rumi’ - one of my favourite poets and visionaries.

My dream is to one day... Have alternative medicine as the predominant health care system in Australia (dreaming I know) and for it to be accessible to everyone. I would love my own healing sanctuary, for people to come and and completely connect with themselves and heal body mind and spirit.

Join Amanda and I for our Chakra Healing Circle on August the 2nd in Paddington, Brisbane. A Journey of self discovery and empowerment through the chakras. This Chakra Healing Circle for a day full of exploration, healing, meditation and art.

We will:
🌿Create a sacred space to nurture and support you...
🌿Explore and gain and understanding of the chakras and their connection to the mind, body and spirit
🌿Identify barriers and blockages
🌿Heal the chakras via specific techniques, meditation, self-expression and more
🌿Release and balancing of the chakra to promote positive energy flow
🌿Create a healing chakra artwork to take home
🌿Connect with each other over tea and snacks (Lunch is BYO)

Its time to invest in your happiness and wellbeing!
Investment is $97 + booking fee
Sunday 2 August at SILO Paddington. For details + tickets visit: http://chakrahealingcircle.eventbrite.com.au