I'm going to Ibiza for a pair of Boots

Boho Boots from Emonk Ibiza, photo by Ibiza Boho Girl

Boho Boots from Emonk Ibiza, photo by Ibiza Boho Girl

This is actually a story about recognising symbolism, synchronicity and the universal energy of attraction at work and how to trust the process.

The Attraction and a Knowing

Many Moons ago as I was scrolling through instagram when something magical caught my eye...no wait it captured my heart! hahaha. Instantly I was in love, you know when you look at something and know its right for you straight away and that having that thing in your life is going to complete some part of you. Well this happened to me..... with a pair of shoes from Emonk Ibiza.

Something about these shoes appealed to me on every level. The colours, textures, the use of stones and fabric just were wonderful and I knew in that moment that one day we would need to be together.  I also knew that these were not an online purchase and that I would have to go and get them myself.

The Alignment of Circumstances

Fate so has it that this year my parents had organised a family trip to Italy this year. After the passing of myNonno (grandfather) my mum decided she wanted to take up to the Island where my Nonna and Nonno grew up which is an Island of Sicily called Lipari. This will no doubt be a magical trip of connecting to my cultural heritage and ancestry, family, food and good times. Then it popped in my head 'ooohhh I'll be in Europe so I should do some travelling else where..... do I dare go to Ibiza?!"

The Denial before the Realisation

Could I really go to a place based on a pair of shoes?! Surely that's an absurd idea and oh I haven't even mentioned how much these shoes cost ...they vary from 280 - 365 EURO. GASP "How am I going to manage to afford that.. no that it , this is ridiculous I cant justify it." So I put it on the back burner and considered other options. A few months passed and the love for Ibiza had only grown stronger. I started following everything Ibiza and the more I delved into that world, I wanted to go even more.  The vibrancy of the people, the style, the markets and water... it was beautiful to me. It felt like it wasn't even a choice to be made but more of a case of if I am going to allow this to unfold. What was I going to tell people? Initially when you tell people you are going to Ibiza they are like " Oh man you are going to get so f$#ked up" but my truth was different, I was going to get a pair of boots! ha ha. Through my research I also learnt about the hugely spiritual element on the island and that Ibiza had a lot more to offer than just an epic party scene.  Soon I started to piece together that something was actually aligning here for me.

Awareness of the Universe at work

I had a reading recently with Jade Sky and told her about wanting to go to Ibiza for a pair of boots. She looked at me and said

"Don't you see that the boots might just be the thing that spirit is using to trying to get you there, they give you little marking point or names or dates to synchronicity meet the right people. So if you have this draw towards the boots, its not about the boots it could be that you are meant to be in that region or you need to go to that shop  or you need to meet someone, you need to trust that. The boots are also more of a symbol of moving forward and if they are big heavy boots they are quiet grounding and you need to go there to gain some information , trust where they are taking you , don't fight it. If you can go there while you are over there why wouldn't you?!"

AHHHHHHHHHhahaha I get it now. There was a knowing and a pulling force that I felt all the way along and looking back on it in that moment, it was finally understood.

Further Synchronicity and Confirmation you are on the right path

I decided I was going to go with the flow that was so clearly in front of me and follow this path. I made the choice to do a retreat whilst I am on my boot quest which is going to be a magical time for me. I am so looking forward to joining Kirsty Gallaghers' Autumn Equinox Goddess Retreat and meeting some wonderful women who have also heard the call on their own path of self discovery. Maybe they are there for the boots as well :) who knows! Another moment of synchronicity happened whilst I was searching through many articles on must do treatments in Ibiza. I did a meditation at the start of the year and my guides told me I would meet someone named Raj, so when I saw an article on a brilliant Thai and Holistic Masseuse who in Ibiza names Rayja, I knew I need to book in a session with him. I got in contact with him and told him I would be in Ibiza and would love to have a session with him. I also told him about my meditation story because I had a sense he would 'get it" and he was totally receptive and offered to be of any help if I needed any recommendations for my trip. So it continues to fall into place this adventure of mine and I now eagerly await what will be a magnificent trip.

So I tell people proudly "I am going to Ibiza for a pair of boots!...and much more!" I now know I am meant to go to Ibiza, i know I am meant to meet certain people and I trust that a part of my growth needs to occur here.  And if the Gods be so kind I might even have a new pair of spectacular boots to take me to the next adventure!

How it will play out I don't know but I will surely keep you posted.

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The Beautiful Merel who is the founder and designer from World Family Ibiza. Another reason I fell in love with Ibiza

The Beautiful Merel who is the founder and designer from World Family Ibiza. Another reason I fell in love with Ibiza