Awaken to Life Etsy Store Launch

When I was a child I always took great joy in collecting things I thought were special from nature. I loved the thrill of exploring and for hours I could scour the beach collecting shells or find a colourful rock that I could wet and draw with on the side of the road. This wonderment and enjoyment has never left me and as I started this journey back to connection with myself , it was natural for my connection to nature to also blossom. My first session with my Psychosomatic Therapist she asked me to pick a crystal that I was drawn to that will help us with our session. I absolutely love doing little things like this and thought it wonderful how the crystal I chose exactly matched my current situation. Around that same time I did a Spiritual Development course in which we all got crystals and I started to learn about the power and importance of crystals in this line of work and how they were wonderful allies to have.

I started forming a small but much loved collection and sharing with others how I was beginning to carry certain ones around at certain times. Citrine if I needed more confidence, personal power and energy as it helps with the Solar Plexus Chakra or Celestite for mental calm and clarity amidst any chaotic circumstance and it helps with the Throat Chakra. I loved the confirmation of the connection to crystals you get as each time I would go into the crystal store feeling a certain way I would always been drawn to the exact one I needed without even knowing anything about the crystal. Its an effortless relationship that simply requires you to trust what you are drawn to and what feels right.

I wanted to be able to share the magic and love I have of crystals with others, so I created my Spiritual Boxes. Each crystal is hand picked by me and a lot of love and care goes in to ensuring these Awaken to Life Spiritual Boxes are special.

🎵 High Vibrational Music ~ When creating the Spiritual Boxes I play high vibrational music because it helps me feel good and the crystals just love the good vibes.

🙏🏻 Law of Attraction ~ Crystals work on the law of attraction to help find their perfect owner. I tune in with this energy and allow the crystals to tell me which ones want to go together. I then trust that I have made the perfect box that's just waiting t...o win the heart of the person who is meant to have it.

🌿 Re-Earthing ~ Crystals often go on a big journey before we get them. I like to Re-Earth my crystals by placing them in the garden to bring them back into harmony and balance so they are nice and clear.

🌕 Full Moon Cleanse and Charge ~ Like us, crystals absorb energy so it's important that they are cleanse and recharge. The Full Moon is the best time to do this and will ensure your crystals perform at their fullest energetic potential. The night before the boxes go on sale is the Full Moon so when you get your box it will be filled with lots of magical energy.


The Philosophy behind the Spiritual Boxes

"This Spiritual Box was made with a great love for the magic of Nature and seeks to help you discover the magic that exists inside you"
Just as a crystals is created under Divine Pressure, so are you. Pressure is a naturally occurring energy force we all experience. When we start to see it as Divine pressure we see that the true nature of it existence in our life is to help us the grow and emerge in a new and beautiful way, just as a crystal does.
"Mother Nature has always been here to share her ancient wisdom"
With every lesson in life you face, it serves to ultimately help you uncover your true self which often requires going down some hard roads. Like a good friend, crystals seeks to share the wisdom of their experience to help you on your path to self discovery. Crystals are created under powerful circumstance and theyhave their own amazingly unique energy and are strong allies to have in times of need.
"When you connect to the beautiful energy of Nature, you open the connection to your own inner wisdom and power."
Crystals are the masters of the law of attraction. They connect in with you and use that connection to bring you together with the exact crystal you need to help you with your current situation. They simply know what your soul requires and they draw you as if to say 'I am here for you'. So when picking a box TRUST the attraction as it will be this energy already at work to bring you together.

So if you would like to purchase your own magical Spiritual Box please go to

Remember trust what captures your eye even if it doesn't appear to be something you would normally choose because in the end it will be the perfect one for you.