Creating a High Vibrational Environment

The environments you spend your time in can either contribute positively or negatively to your soul growth and the quality of your journey. Natural environments are high vibrational and this is why you can feel so energised, rejuvenated and replenished after you spend time in nature. In the urban environment it is up to recreate what nature does organically. Living in an urban setting where you are spending a large majority of your time indoors and having connection everyday with large groups of people means your energy is going to be impacted, especially is you are becoming increasingly sensitive.  This is why we must consciously create and maintain a high vibrational energy within our spaces to enable us to thrive.

When you are becoming increasingly sensitive and aware, your environment is a big influencer on how you feel. A high vibrational environment allows you to feel clear and in flow with your own energy and life path. It also is supportive and protective, which is important as the veil drops and your spiritual experiences expand.

These spiritual experience can be (to name a few):

  • visions
  • intuitive knowing (of future events, what people are thinking- telepathy etc)
  • awakening 'new' gifts and abilities
  • sensing, connecting with or seeing spirits and other beings
  • seeing orbs of light
  • vivid and lucid dreams
  • ability to travel places through your light body  

While many spiritual experiences are amazing and wonderful, some can initially be unsettling, confronting, and scary - which can be attracted in if your energy and the energy in your environment is dense (low vibrational/depressive ). If you feel unsure about an experience that you have or it feels negative then this is really just a call to check in and observe if it is time to do some 'cleaning up' of your environment. Getting into this practice of using high vibrational tools in your space helps you to be discerning, clear on your boundaries and to know that the energy you are working with is positive.

The benefits of being aligned to high vibrational energy means you will attract in your highest good so having positive energy tools to empower you is vital for any sensitive empathetic being. They will make you feel safe, grounded, clear and connected, and empowered to make choices that feel right for you. Here are some of the tools that I use that I have found are ideal for creating and maintaining a high vibrational environment.


Plants are a beautiful addition to your home or work space as they bring many healing benefits to the environment. Plants and Flowers:

  • Clean the air and increases the quality
  • Release oxygen which the body loves 
  • Improves clarity and  concentrate 

Did you know? Aloe Vera can improve your quality of sleep. The Aloe plant omits oxygen at night which helps combat insomnia and will promote a positive atmosphere to support you in sleeping peacefully.


Crystals are one of the strongest vibrational tools you can have. They are not only beautiful but they each have a unique and special vibration. Its is nice to have a collection of different crystals to call upon to assist you in times of need.

You can always google a particular crystal to see how they are going to energetically support you. When I choose crystals I purely choose them intuitively. I use the law of attraction and listen to how I feel and what I am sensing when I hold them. This connection lets me know if I am being called to work with that crystal and receive it vibrational medicine. 


Sage and Palo Santo are brilliant cleansing tool and can be used for spiritual applications, vibrational work and clearing negativity. They enable you to ground and centre and are ideal for clearing your energy field. I like to set an intention when I burn these to really ground in the energy I want to bring through whether such as:

  • clear stagnant or unwanted energy
  • raise the vibration of my space
  • energise me
  • bless myself, my space or sending blessings to others

They induce and sense of peace and calm which relieves burdens of stress and worry. This enables you to better serve your highest good. Regularly burning sage and palo santo around yourself and your environment helps to purify and renew.


Essential oils are great because they smell magnificent and they have a long history of being used for medicinal and healing purposes. When your environment is pleasurable to the senses it creates a wonderful environment that is uplifting and nurturing. 

Essential oil benefits come from their antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. They can be used in a variety of different ways to support a positive energy environment. Essential oil uses range from aromatherapy, household cleaning products, personal beauty care and natural medicine treatments. I recommend going with high quality, pure and organic essential oils as they will hold the most potency and highest vibration of the plant.


There is something enchanting and soothing about the sound of Bells and Chimes. I have a wind chime outside my bedroom window and I use my bells and my tibetan symbols for ceremonial use.

The harmonic sounds and tones work with the vibrational frequency of the environment and also rid the body of stress and emotional block. Because of their ability to attune you they are ideal for balancing chakras as well.

Playing high vibration music throughout the house is also a fantastic way to uplift your mood and establish a beautiful energy environment.

This blog is written by

~ Natalie Wagner ~

Intuitive Life Guide and Psychosomatic Therapist.



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