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Our senses are designed to help us navigate our environment and being in pain physically, mentally or emotionally is one of the best senses you have to alerting you to the fact that something is not right. In this way pain and discomfort are actually  powerful gateway to healing. The presence of pain is the intelligence of your body bringing your attention to areas of your life that are not in harmony. In this article I want to shift the perspective on pain and how you can respond to it to positively uncover your true path to healing.

By looking at the pains in your life differently and seeing the wonderful opportunities for growth and liberation, you will begin to understand its importance. It is a driver of transformation. When you let go of the restricting and limiting aspects of your life that are stifling your spirit, this allows you to find your truth, purpose and meaning, and be empowered to create and follow your happiness.

 We live in an age that encourages the disconnection from pain rather than accessing and connecting to its powerful message. You have a headache, take a pill. You're feeling upset, it not appropriate here so push it down and get on with it. You don't like the way something is, tough someone else is in control so you have to put up with it. This attitude and culture of trying to either numb from pain or keep people in suffering is concerning. A lot of the focus is on treating symptoms rather than the cause. Without looking to discover the source of the disturbances it is preventing us from receiving the healing we need and want. It's these blockers that are adding to the separation we feel from our happiness and soul purpose. When we ignore and dismiss the importance of the signs and symptoms that are presenting themselves, you stay in suffering which is not necessary. This act then separates you from our true knowing and in turn creates distrust for ourselves that is then projected on to others as blame. It can be easier for us to identify other people baggage and seek to attack that rather than look at our own. Blaming others is also a barrier to healing, as you disempower your own ability and responsibility to evolve and change. Your focus is required within and although the temptation is to try and change others , this avenue is fraught with disappointment that then get direct back to yourself as a failure. Our internal dis-ease with ourselves created disease. This is where it grows. The truth is that our knowing cannot be denied as we discover is we don't address our issues, they keep resurfacing and developing.

Have you ever caught yourself saying ‘this always happens to me’ or ‘i don't know why this keeps happening?’.  We have all said this at some point i am sure. This is how the universe works, you either work on understanding and acknowledging the discomfort you have or it gets worse and magnifies until you have no other choice but to take note and do the work necessary to bring in healing. This is not to be looked at as a punishment as there are layers to our healing that mean we may have to keep revisiting area of disharmony as we evolve and are ready to face the next layer.  

3 Steps to Healing

 'Healing is a process that involves every part of you' 

Pain affects every part of you and therefore we must look at the whole picture of what is occurring to be able to really shift it. Pain serves to bring your attention to something that wants to be looked at, acknowledged, learnt from and transformed to liberate the spirit and bring alignment with your true self. This Is done when you are willing to face the hard truths and your personal responsibility to do the work required to let go and transform parts of yourself that are not positively serving you. Here I have written 3 Steps to Healing that will guide you on your way. 

Step 1~ Acknowledge the Pain

Acknowledging the present signs and symptoms of pain and discomfort and what is not in alignment with your core

You must first acknowledge you are in pain in order to start the healing process. Sometimes to hardest thing can be to admit- I’m not happy, I don't feel good, something isn't right here. You want to uncover all the information there is about what you are experiencing. Here is where we expand the thought to understand ourselves more. Being an observer to our pain brings clarity.  Journaling is recommended here and if you feel to drill it down further absolutely go with that instinct. 

 Ask yourself the following:

·         What is my pain? Describe it in detail

·         Is this a pattern or behaviour that you feel stuck in? Why do you feel unable to change it?

·         Where is it coming from? Are other people involved?

·         How is it affecting me mentally, physically, emotionally?  

We are a Body, Mind and a Soul and the vitality of one will affect the other and there for true healing must be observed as a whole. For example you may be experiencing a conflict with someone that is causing you EMOTIONAL distress as you feel you can't express yourself. This emotional distress is building up in the body and manifesting in the PHYSICAL as sore shoulders that have started to roll forward. The body position and suppression of emotions is playing on your mind and MENTALLY you start to find it difficult to get out of a negative mindset in general. The awareness of the overall effect is vital.

You are now opening your awareness to look at interconnectedness that is at play and uncovering the bigger picture. The power in doing this is important to our personal growth and evolution. We must go through this natural cycle in our life to be enlightened of our burdens and restrictions. It is through our everyday experience we are always being shown how to return home to ourselves and be more of who we are. You may have noticed already  by the acknowledgement step you are have discovered some new detail or information. This is the key to unlocking the lessons and the learnings. By seeing the truth in its fullest we are more empowered. Often we shy away from looking at our problems like this as we feel it may only increase the pain but it is in fact the key. And possibly that is what we are afraid of doing, actually stepping up and doing what is required. The aim however is to transform your pain into the stimulus for liberating you away from negative patterns, behaviours, job or relationships that are preventing you from loving yourselves and your life.


Step 2~ Your True Desire

Re-discovering your truth and connecting to your higher purpose

 This step is about connecting to our core truth. The souls desire for our life, happiness and wellness. The soul is our higher self and its motivation is to remember our true function which is to simple be who we are. It knows where we truly want to be and what we want from our life, relationships, career and overall wellbeing .It give you clear vision to see past the pain to where we want to be. This is our leverage and helps us be energised by our infinite possibilities. It provides motivation that is not outside of ourselves but driven from a fundamental core connection.

 Ask yourself the following: 

·         How do I want to feel?

·         How do I want my Relationships/Career/Home to feel?

·         What do I want to be doing ?

·         What is my biggest dream for my life?


 Step 3~Walking Towards Healing

It up to you to building a bridge from where you are, to where we want to be. This may require some hard steps to take but remind yourself of what you are walking towards.

Each step great or small is important. When you take action the universe responds, when you make space and affirm you want better you are preparing yourself to receive this.

 Ask yourself the following: (Journaling is recommended)

·         How can I bring healing to my pain?

·         What am I willing to do for myself to be happy/healthy?

·         How can I create the life I want?

·         What are the steps I am going to take today to be living a life that positively serves me?


Action:                                                                                                             Date:

Action:                                                                                                             Date:

Action:                                                                                                            Date:

Action:                                                                                                             Date:

Action:                                                                                                             Date:

ACTION AFFIRMATION: I am going to action the following as a commitment to what I know I want and I am willing to start taking the steps required to actualise what is for my highest good. I do this because I am worthy and I love myself.

 Small actions lead to big change , so start now and you will be well on your way to healing.

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