Staying Sane Through Intense Energy

If you are feeling a build up of frustration and irritation at yourself,  the people around you or the world in general- then here are my top 3 ways to getting your head right. Through these simple exercises you will gain a sense of clarity, calm and most importantly take back control of your life so you can experience a more uplifting state of being.

This blog can not come quick enough. In fact I probably should have done it at the start of the year considering how full on our 2016 has been. I am going to give you some healthy alternatives to help you avoid spiralling into toxic thought patterns and behaviours. I want to share with you some easy, down to earth and practical ways you can gain your sanity back when you are in a tornado of craziness. This will support you in creating an opportunity to change how you feel to be more positive and nurturing yourself back into harmony.


Exfoliating is a brilliant way to disperse compounding negative energy. I use natural products and organic where I can and this is ideal for this process as you are trying to bring yourself back into a natural state of being and clear away old layers the body doesn't need. It is symbolic of clearing away built up emotions and when you moisturise after it is soothing and nurturing bringing you into state of calm and gentleness with yourself.



When I was in school everyday after school I would come into my room and blast my favourite songs and make up a dance routine or fantasise about singing it really well at a public event and surprising everyone. ha ha I friggin loved it! I dont care how old you are, this is an amazing way to have an outlet for whatever mood you are in. It allows you to be in the driver seat of whatever energy  you are experiencing, rather than letting it control you. This expressive outlet can bring the emotion to the surface to be released, it can be very liberating and a lot of fun. GO ALL OUT AND DON'T HOLD BACK. If you're vain like me you it is essential to have a mirror so you can see the sick moves you are pulling out.


Dedicate a night to anything other than watching tv, using the computer or being on your phone. Does this mean I want you just sit in your house twiddling your thumbs being bored or bombarded by damaging thoughts , not at all! I want you to really experience the world. Having a no screen night is about creating the time to do the things you say you want to do but you dont have time for. Our technology can become distractions and create false busyness which becomes a wedge between what you really desire in your life. Suddenly by taking it out of the equation it gives you a whole evening available to your self care. Here are a list of activities that are ideal to utilise this time:

  • Be out in Nature
  • Go out to dinner with your family or friends
  • Do a yoga or meditation class
  • Read a book 
  • Do some writing or journalling
  • Light some candles and have a long bath (do step 1)
  • Clean your room and beautify your space
  • Sage your house
  • Play music in your house (do step 2)
  • Have an intimate night with your partner
  • Go shopping in a new area
  • Create a vision board
  • Cook a beautiful meal
  • Get a massage
  • Get a new haircut
  • Have an arts and crafts night
  • Go out for a picnic
  • Go see a band

Do these things and you will be well on your way to transforming your inner world and you will see how your outer world then starts to reflect more positively back to you as well. I hope this has sparked your inspiration. I'd love to hear any of your personal ways you get yourself out of a bad moods or down times. Feel free to leave a comment :) GOOD LUCK.


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